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This Month in Toribash Events.

This month in Toribash Events, we have Boom Goes the Dynamite, hosted by DrTre.

The objective is to madman uke, with at least the first two dismembers coming from a boomhit. A boomhit is a strike that is powerful enough to dismember at least two parts, in one hit.

Then, we have steveirwin’s Epic Scene Contest, hosted by yours truly. The objective is to create a scene that captures the heat of a battle, in one image. The prize is 100k toricredits, so I would get to it! Below is Nightmare’s entry:

Nightmare's Entry to steveirwin's scene contest.

Finally, we have Nabi’s Moonwalk Competition, hosted by Lightningkid. In this event, you dance like MJ.


Toribash for the WiiWare

Hey guys!

I’m not quite sure whether anybody at Nabi Studios actually issued a press release when we first started developing the Wii. Most of the community doesn’t even know about it!

Tonight, we went and hooked up a Toribash Wii Development version up to a 32″ Sony Bravia TV and took some pictures and a video. I’ve taken the liberty of uploading it to Youtube ( for you guys.
Here’s some static pictures for you guys on a not so awesome internet connection.

If you have any comments, questions or you want to tell us how awesome we are, hit this thread on the Toribash Forums:

THESE ARE DEVELOPMENT IMAGES AND VIDEOS… THEY DO NOT REFLECT THE FINAL PRODUCT (we hope to make it even cooler… if that’s possible)


You know what they say about publicity, any kind is good. This article on Destructoid does show that Toribash is getting some mainstream acknowledgment, but is it the kind of recognition we want? The article is pretty short when it comes to Toribash, but read some of the comments for bonus insight.

Local Moderators and Clan Councils and Bears, Oh My!

The history of the Toribash Forums has been full of heated drama regarding the power of those great’n'mighty Moderators and Admins. At the same time, the population of Toribash players and forum posters has been steadily increasing, requiring more monitoring and upkeep.

So instead of creating a rash of new Global Moderators, hanz0 has wisely chosen to appoint Local Moderators to govern individual forums. Applications can be submitted now! You can check out the thread here.

In other news, the old Clan Council is being resurrected by head Clan Moderator, HebrewHamr:

Because of the recent outburst in official clans, we have decided to bring back the clan council.

The clan council is a system used to decide whether or not a clan can become official. Members will vote on every potential clan that comes through. If a clan passes the council vote, it’s made official. If the council doesn’t pass it, it can reapply at another time.

As with the appointment of new Local Moderators by hanz0, HebrewHamr is looking for clear-headed Council members to form the new Clan Council. If this strikes your interest, you can post your application here.

Support the Toribash community, and get involved!


borgpunx custom screen shop

I was talking in the Promo Team IRC channel the other day, when the most famous homosexual on Toribash (Cinderhomo) sent us a screenshot.

Originally I refrained from clicking upon the link, because it could have been some men getting it up the chuff you know? (actually all that is a lie, I clicked it immediately).

Upon seeing the image, I jizzed in my pants. (Youtube video) Of course you’re probably saying “veb stfu already and show us the image” … okay then.

Isn’t that simply amazing? I was surprised and astonished. This community can do some great stuff you know.

I posted in this shop, and demanded my own one. This is the result I got…


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