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Delving Into 4.0

So the wait is over. The mystic toribash 4.0 is out. No longer will you have to look into the horizon and wonder about the future, about the day when you will finally be able to play tb4.0. People in the future will look at you and say “that guy was there at the start, the start of the next big thing, which since it’s the future is technically the current big thing.” and you’ll look back and reply “Yes I was, and it was amazing. So amazing that dolphins wept tears of joy and elephants could be heard across the world making elephant sounds of jubilation.”

So what’s so great about tb4.0 I hear you ask.

What’s NOT great about tb4.0 (well there are a few wrinkles but let’s look past that for the moment).

We’re finally introduced to a whole new world of tb as a variety of exciting features get added.

The most known and looked forward to feature besides maybe hair would be the new metalic look of the joints. I have to say, they do look very amazing. The graphics have increased, or at least i think they have and the screen has become bigger. Added together it makes for a whole new and amazing experience.

Following the wii, the P.C version of tb gets the long awaited “hair”. This comes in three styles for now but who knows, we could get as many hair variations as there are joint colours. It seems though, at the moment hair is untradable. This I certainly didn’t expect and I can only assume that they will become tradable sometime in the future or we will live the rest out our lives in the tb universe unable to sell our hair or buy someone else’s hair. Maybe it’s just something inculded at the start so people would buy the hair instead of thinking to wait a while and get it cheap on the market. indeed there are already some cheap (well cheaper than the torishop) hair items on the market.

There are also a whole load of planned additions to the torishop. The most controversial of these being the legendary joint textures. Hampa assures us thet they will not ruin the join market which leads to some speculation as to how exactly they have been implemented. One user’s take on it was having literal preset textures (e.g : stripes) and the colour of that texture would change with your force/relax. Another less likely possibility is that they’re not very shiny, which probably will ruin the joint market even after the lack of shinyness. I think that they will just be incredibly expensive making it reasonable to simply buy joints instead of the textures. Maybe even around the 1kk mark.

A brilliant new addition is the music option. Now I can listen to some calm relaxing music while getting my head torn out by a yellow belt. Maybe people will rage less. Maybe people will rage more. All I know is that I like it and when i next see hampa I’ll be asking him about an option to add your own music to your tb account to listen to. The music is a bit repetitive but you always have the option of turning it off and turning on i-tunes or f you’re like me, a playlist on youtube.

There seem to be some new subtle sounds as well which I haven’t puzzled out yet mainly because of my lack of gametime, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out when for example you hear a scream when you decap someone. Disclaimer : I don’t actually know if there’s a scream, that phrase was used to example making purposes only.

On the whole I’m very excited about this new toribash and I just love the shiny new metalic feel all over. Don’t go away yet there are sure to be a huge load of additions coming soon to a torishop near you.

Coming this June


Put on your platform shoes, your polyester suit and your  lucky bellbottoms folks: it is time to trip the light fantastic with DANCE MONTH

The whole of June is dedicated to showcasing your finesse on the dance floor.  Whether it be breaking, the hoedown, the electric slide or the running man,  anyone with a decent beat in their heart and a capable set of feet and hands to mangle/tango with their opponent are welcome to join in.

We have a slew of events lined up for you this June.  Keep on bashin’!

Toribash Wii on Nintendo’s Site

Toribash Wii

Check out the newest info and teaser movies for Toribash on WiiWare! You’ll find gman and hampa duking it out with hair, blood splats, and snapping limbs in the embedded preview movies, along with a gallery of pics from the upcoming Wii release of Toribash.

Among the features listed is the ability to share awesome replays you’ve made with your friends via WiiConnect24, along with a fully-functional replay editor.

Once you’re done, why not scroll to the bottom of the page, and give the content a nice rating? :3


Toribash (WiiWare) Fight Science Series – Judo Part I

If you’ve been checking us out at the WiiWare Summit in London and you can’t wait to try out Toribash, we’ve done a few vids so you can see how good it feels to do a decap (again, we are peace-loving people :3).


JUDO 1-Turn Decap

and here’s how you do it:

Decap Sequence

  • Contract Right Pec + Left Turning Sternum + Contract Left Pec – Generates the initial force
  • Raise Right Shoulder + Contract Right Elbow – Generates force to hit
  • Raise Left Shoulder – Corrects angle to your hand hits your opponents neck
  • Contract Right Hip + Contract Left Hip + Contract Abs – Generates downward force so you throw your weight into the hit.
  • Wiimote “Button B” to move turn forward
  • DECAP!!!
  • Alternatively, you can choose not to decap, but to grab your opponent and use his bodyparts as a fulcrum. Like this shoulder throw.

    Let’s see more in Part II tomorrow – Setting your body up for a decap in 2 turns

    Gman Out

    And.. just for lols.. Enjoy the Butt Decap.

    Toribash – Violence Perfected (WiiWare)

    We’re fans of fighting games here at Nabi and we’ve seen game after game stick with the same old “push button + control sequence” = “fight combo”..

    We tried to introduce a new style of fighting with Toribash PC and we’re proud that we have an active, hardcore community today constantly making new fight moves and fight scenes and sharing them daily on our forums.

    Toribash (WiiWare) puts into play everything that we learnt about controls and scene editing.

    Can’t wait? Here’s a teaser…
    Joint Boosting:
    You’re able to hit harder and faster.. and if you time your move right, dismember your opponent and watch their blood spray and smear all over them. (we’re peaceful people here…really :) )

    And to see how you make a move that really uses that added thrust…

    We’ll be releasing more complex move tutorials over the coming weeks as well as other teasers so keep a look-out.

    Otherwise, we’ll see you in London on the 16th!

    Gman out!

    P.S. Vids made by Warcry and Rutz ;)

    Toribash WiiWare Kickoff Vid #1

    So this probably means we’ve finished development ;) .

    Enjoy the first of two early vids on Toribash WiiWare.. The second one will be hitting you next Friday!

    Up next week:
    + A Feature List
    + A new Toribash WiiWare Vid from Warcry.

    Stay Tuned for a release date people.

    Lock and Load.

    Gman Out

    And for those of you thinking about the Torianatomy…


    Toriskate 2009

    So it’s been asked often enough if we’re going to extend past fighting in Toribash. And we have been in terms of modding. so.. is Toriskate 2009 in the works? ;)

    You decide after watching this. Rutz v Vigilante… (Watch in HD)

    Exposure on Makeuseof and People’s approach to the game.

    Interestingly, we just got some exposure on the Pc version of toribash rather than the wiiware.

    With the sudden flood of exposure, people are talking about toribash, a lot, and how technical the game can be.

    In almost every post about toribash you see, you see it described as a fighter where you “design your own moves” and every video we see seems to demonstrate this fact, fast paced fighting action. You can understand people’s confusion when they get into the game and they see ” wow this is nothing like the promotional video, I mean it’s really cool to spazz around, but I haven’t been able to do 15 spins in midair and then kick the other guy in half, and the multiplayer is pretty different than how I thought it would be too.”

    Toribash isn’t a fighter where you can learn how to play from a few simple tutorials, it takes intuition, timing, precision to progress within this game. Sure there are quicker fixes such as jousting, judo, albeit with their own levels of complexity. The real technical play comes with more precise modes like wushu and aikido.

    “It’s all about motion control and that’s where the real fight comes from”

    Toribash – the future of motion control

    A lot has been said about how we’re a tactical fighting game..

    I believe we’ve evolved some way from that. What started as sophisticated fighting strategy has become a way to utilise full-body motion control.

    For all you people who’ve come in from the Wii post, here’s what we can do in Toribash today. Yes we have a steep learning curve but the results of mastering this are truly rewarding.

    I’ll let these vids speak for themselves.

    Toribash Violence Perfected


    Toribash Free-Running


    Toribash Skate


    Special thanks to Rutzor, Nuthug and Smilies2 for the vids/mods.



    Who Are These Old Schoolers?

    Just a couple days ago, you may have noticed this image popping up below certain member’s posts all over the forum:

    Old Schooler

    There are two stories behind this image. The first comes from the history of Toribash, dating back to the days in which Toribash was shareware.

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