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Exposure on Makeuseof and People’s approach to the game.

Interestingly, we just got some exposure on the Pc version of toribash rather than the wiiware.

With the sudden flood of exposure, people are talking about toribash, a lot, and how technical the game can be.

In almost every post about toribash you see, you see it described as a fighter where you “design your own moves” and every video we see seems to demonstrate this fact, fast paced fighting action. You can understand people’s confusion when they get into the game and they see ” wow this is nothing like the promotional video, I mean it’s really cool to spazz around, but I haven’t been able to do 15 spins in midair and then kick the other guy in half, and the multiplayer is pretty different than how I thought it would be too.”

Toribash isn’t a fighter where you can learn how to play from a few simple tutorials, it takes intuition, timing, precision to progress within this game. Sure there are quicker fixes such as jousting, judo, albeit with their own levels of complexity. The real technical play comes with more precise modes like wushu and aikido.

“It’s all about motion control and that’s where the real fight comes from”