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Interview With hampa

So after my last blog post about 4.0 there were a ton of unanswered questions and I just had to have an interview with hampa. After tracking him down which took all of 30 seconds since he was on IRC, he graciously agreed to let me interview him. This is how it went:

MrAakash: Hello. Could I interview a bit about 4.0?

Hampa: Of course

MrAakash: Awesome. Give me the word when you’re ready

Hampa: Ready

MrAakash: Alrighy then. When did you decide to officially release 4.0. Was it a decision you made in the moment or did you have a plan?

Hampa: We did 10 beta releases, after 10 I didn’t have any major bugs left so I released it. I want to keep releasing more often and hope to do 4.1 within a month.

MrAakash: So about the hair … Any future plans for colour variations? Some users have voiced opinions that it should have been black

Hampa: Yes, I’m currently doing the icons for the hair colors and hair textures. Should be in the shop soon.

MrAakash: What are the future plans for hair trading. Will they continue to be non tradable or will you make them tradable and if you do when do you plan to make them tradable?

Hampa: oh, they should be tradable. Give me a sec I’ll enable it now.

… A Short while later….

Hampa: ok, fixed

MrAakash: Awesome. Now I know that normal user won’t be able to make their own hair designs due to the ability to make hair that lags the game. Who makes the current hair designs and how often can we expect to see new designs come out?

Hampa: Admins can create hairs, I’m doing the first batch of hairs. The hairs will be released as often as admins can come up with something cool.

MrAakash: Would there ever be a possibility of having hair designing competitions, qi restricted hair and/or special staff position hairs?

Hampa: yes, that should be doable

MrAakash: by “yes that should be doable” do you mean all three? I know the hair competitions and qi restricted hair makes sense, but so far staff has been given extra stuff on a “do they need it to do their job” basis and as far as I know nobody needs hair to do their job.

Hampa: I haven’t though the hair competitions through, I think having an old white sensei beard being Qi restricted makes sense.

MrAakash: Next, a piece of new that has every market pro scrambling to sell all their joints. The joint textures. I know you’ve assured us that they won’t ruin the joint market. Can you reveal as to how you will be implementing these amazing new items?

Hampa: The joint textures have been there for a while but they where mapped in a weird way which made it hard to play with. It was hard to see what state the joint was. Then the joint textures where rotated together with the joint. Now they are always z-rotated and when you press force the mapping of the textures are the same as hold relax which makes it look much better.

The joint textures are illuminated using the joint color, so white colors in the texture will show what your hold relax color is. This makes it easier to see what state the joint is in if the texture is busy.

To avoid the obvious thing of making a joint texture black and calling it demon joints the joint textures will be USD only items. So they will all be high premium items and available in 128 to 512 versions.

MrAakash: how would them being USD only prevent people from making them black and calling them demon?

Hampa: I mean, they will be priced above demon, so more rare. a demon joint looks different from a texture with black on them, so I don’t think that will be any major problem

MrAakash: Have you determined a price for the joints?

Hampa: no, not yet. I want to update the texture uploader a bit first, it wasn’t really designed to handle the current load of textures.


And that’s all we had time for. Unfortunately I had to go, so I left after getting confirmation that I could interview hampa again the next time we meet.

Expect more coming out soon and if you have any questions you want me to ask hampa about 4.0 feel free to pm them to me in toribash (MrAakash).


So for the tl;dr version:

  1. - Hair will be getting new colours and is now tradable.
  2. - Joint textures will look different to joints of the same colour and will be much more expensive than any existing join. Also USD only.
  3. - Joint textures could take a while to come out since hampa has to reprogram some stuff.
  4. - There’s a possibility of qi restricted hair and maybe even hair making competitions. As of now only admins make hair and hampa’s the one who made the first three.


Luckily I got back soon afterwards and managed to get in touch with hampa again although this time it took 40 seconds.

The following was the result of our second encounter :

MrAakash: Hello

Hampa: hi

MrAakash: do you have time to continue the interview?

Hampa: ok

MrAakash: Great. So the next topic on the list is the awesome new music. Personally I love it but there have been some people who don’t. Are there any plans to make different tracks? Maybe we even have people able to load custom music.

Hampa: I think custom music is better handled by an external player and anything except ambiance music is going to be repetitive after a while. ambiance for the servers perhaps, that you can upload. That could be cool and would create a bit more variation.

MrAakash: So back to hair. Now that we have body textures, dq textures and even joint textures can we look forward to hair textures in the distant future?

Hampa: coming soon

MrAakash: Now that we have the awesome powers of hair, can we expect facial hair as well and maybe even multiple hair items being able to be activated?

Hampa: yes

MrAakash: Let’s get to the serious topics now. What are the future plans for toribash?

Hampa: Keep adding good features. I’d like to focus more on the competitive aspects of the game, make tournamnets better like new mods and bigger rooms

MrAakash: Well that sounds amazing. Do you have a plan of action at the moment?

Hampa: yes, first features should start appearing in 4.1

MrAakash: any idea what features will be appearing in 4.1 or is it a secret?

Hampa: secret for now. I’ll do a beta for the forum players to try out eventually

MrAakash: well I for one will be looking forward to that. So with the major update to the game side, will there be any changes to the forums?

Hampa: I’ll see if I can fix the texture uploader to handle all the textures better. It wasn’t really designed for that many texture we have and there are good html5 solutions for uploading now that I’d like to use instead

MrAakash: Now for the new noises. Any future changes on that or will you keep them the way they are.

Hampa: I might tweak a few.

MrAakash: Well toribash is a pretty awesome game and I think the reason more people don’t play is because of a lack of awareness. Any chances of tb going onto steam after ironing out the wrinkles? The free games on steam get an insane amount of attention.

Hampa: yes, I’ll submit it to green light

MrAakash: so what do you rate your chances are of getting onto steam or is that still in the distant future. Also how long do you think it will be before you submit it?

Hampa: It is a bit early to know, green light has just been out a week, not sure if they approved any games there yet.

MrAakash: well i just checked and so far no games have been accepted yet. I’m sure you would get in if you got the whole force of the tb community behind you though. Have you tried to get the game onto steam before? If no, then why not? I’m sure the thought crossed your mind or someone suggested it before me.

Hampa: yes, I tried before to submit it

MrAakash: did they give you a reason for being rejected or just simply say no? (I’m assuming you were rejected since the game is not on steam)

Hampa: no reason. The old submission was a web form you submitted a bit of info about the game. The new Green Light system should be good. The web form probably caused a lot of submissions.

MrAakash: well that must have sucked. Anyway I wish you the best of luck getting on this time around. The game really is amazing. Those are all the questions I have at the moment. Thank you again for letting me interview you.

Hampa: you’re welcome

We got some pretty big news here. I for one am very excited about the possible inclusion of toribash on steam. Imagine the influx of new players and the additions to the community.


The tl;dr version :

  1. - No custom music, you can just open up itunes but there may be some music variety.
  2. - Hair textures to be expected along with facial hair and maybe even multiple hair items at once.
  3. - additions to 4.1 is a secret
  4. - Hampa wants to improve gameplay, room size and texture uploader. Also there might be new mods and improved tournaments. He might even fix the “ragequit in the finals” problem for tournaments.
  5. - Toribash to be submitted to greenlight (the thing that determines games for steam) at a later date when the glitches are ironed out.
  6. - Toribash had been rejected from steam before.

Well that’s all for now. The future of toribash should be very exciting and if we do get into steam then all kinds of amazng things should happen. Like solax said, we may even have toribash being an e-sport.