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Toribash (WiiWare) Fight Science Series – Judo Part I

If you’ve been checking us out at the WiiWare Summit in London and you can’t wait to try out Toribash, we’ve done a few vids so you can see how good it feels to do a decap (again, we are peace-loving people :3).


JUDO 1-Turn Decap

and here’s how you do it:

Decap Sequence

  • Contract Right Pec + Left Turning Sternum + Contract Left Pec – Generates the initial force
  • Raise Right Shoulder + Contract Right Elbow – Generates force to hit
  • Raise Left Shoulder – Corrects angle to your hand hits your opponents neck
  • Contract Right Hip + Contract Left Hip + Contract Abs – Generates downward force so you throw your weight into the hit.
  • Wiimote “Button B” to move turn forward
  • DECAP!!!
  • Alternatively, you can choose not to decap, but to grab your opponent and use his bodyparts as a fulcrum. Like this shoulder throw.

    Let’s see more in Part II tomorrow – Setting your body up for a decap in 2 turns

    Gman Out

    And.. just for lols.. Enjoy the Butt Decap.