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Official Organizations

About three months ago, I couldn’t help by noticing that a Toribash Organization called Team Sambo got the first ever Official Organization subforum under The Game, Organizations. At the time, I was very jealous about the fact that PnG (Pink and Gay) didn’t get one. While organizations like PnG could be considered as nothing but a fan club for one particular thing, Team Sambo has had tremendous success in recruiting great members and even running self-funded tournaments.

Team Sambos Extensive Tournament Bracket

Team Sambo's Extensive Tournament Bracket

Dedication is one thing but this group of individuals (Borpunx and Gr3y4at) bring it to a whole new level, from their Organization-Exclusive Toribash Menu Screen, Textures, and their own member funded tournaments! That means there’s no begging for toricredits to the Nabi team!

Alongside Team Sambo are many other organizations: