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Toribash (WiiWare) Fight Science Series – Judo Part II

And… Part II of the Judo Series.

And here’s how you do it!

This time, it’s a two-turn Decap:

  • Contract Right Pec + Extend Left Pec + Left Turning Sternum + Extend Right Hip
    To wind the body up for the comeback hit.

  • Contract Right Elbow + Grip Right Hand
    To bring your opponent in closer.

  • Wii Remote Button B
    To move turn forward.


  • Contract Left Pec + Right Turning Sternum
    To spin my body back hard and fast after being wound up.

  • Raise Left Shoulder + Left Bending Lumbar
    To angle my body for the decap.

  • Wii Remote Button B
    To move turn forward.


    Then finish the move off with a pose. (I’m sure you can take it from there)

    Mo’ dismember, Mo’ blood, Mo’ funz! (Thanks steveirwin)

    And.. If you wanna really tear someone apart, check these vids out:

    Decap Suplex

    Dismembering Rutz

    Stay tuned for more.

    Gman Out

  • Toribash (WiiWare) Fight Science Series – Judo Part I

    If you’ve been checking us out at the WiiWare Summit in London and you can’t wait to try out Toribash, we’ve done a few vids so you can see how good it feels to do a decap (again, we are peace-loving people :3).


    JUDO 1-Turn Decap

    and here’s how you do it:

    Decap Sequence

  • Contract Right Pec + Left Turning Sternum + Contract Left Pec – Generates the initial force
  • Raise Right Shoulder + Contract Right Elbow – Generates force to hit
  • Raise Left Shoulder – Corrects angle to your hand hits your opponents neck
  • Contract Right Hip + Contract Left Hip + Contract Abs – Generates downward force so you throw your weight into the hit.
  • Wiimote “Button B” to move turn forward
  • DECAP!!!
  • Alternatively, you can choose not to decap, but to grab your opponent and use his bodyparts as a fulcrum. Like this shoulder throw.

    Let’s see more in Part II tomorrow – Setting your body up for a decap in 2 turns

    Gman Out

    And.. just for lols.. Enjoy the Butt Decap.

    Toribash – Violence Perfected (WiiWare)

    We’re fans of fighting games here at Nabi and we’ve seen game after game stick with the same old “push button + control sequence” = “fight combo”..

    We tried to introduce a new style of fighting with Toribash PC and we’re proud that we have an active, hardcore community today constantly making new fight moves and fight scenes and sharing them daily on our forums.

    Toribash (WiiWare) puts into play everything that we learnt about controls and scene editing.

    Can’t wait? Here’s a teaser…
    Joint Boosting:
    You’re able to hit harder and faster.. and if you time your move right, dismember your opponent and watch their blood spray and smear all over them. (we’re peaceful people here…really :) )

    And to see how you make a move that really uses that added thrust…

    We’ll be releasing more complex move tutorials over the coming weeks as well as other teasers so keep a look-out.

    Otherwise, we’ll see you in London on the 16th!

    Gman out!

    P.S. Vids made by Warcry and Rutz ;)

    Toribash WiiWare Kickoff Vid #1

    So this probably means we’ve finished development ;) .

    Enjoy the first of two early vids on Toribash WiiWare.. The second one will be hitting you next Friday!

    Up next week:
    + A Feature List
    + A new Toribash WiiWare Vid from Warcry.

    Stay Tuned for a release date people.

    Lock and Load.

    Gman Out

    And for those of you thinking about the Torianatomy…