What’s new in Toribash?

^ new forum logo

Achievements? What are they? Oh, they’re awesome man. They’re awesome! Check out my card:

Toribash Achievements aims to bring you a whole new playing field of Toribash. Only this time, it’s not decapping a few people who look like siku, but rather, trying to farm all the achievements before everybody else. There’s a few interesting achievements out there, like the 50 acid bloods, 500 acid bloods (Gubbin was the first person to get this!), and the Ice-Cream (I noticed people had been passing that item around just so they could get the achievement, those evil French people)

Promo-Team just released an achievement pack with a promise of another one relatively soon – the next one should be fun however, I think we’ll have some fun with that one.


Forum Side-Bar

The forum side-bar is an experiment by Nabi Studios to see if we can fit more information on our community hot-spot. So far, we think it’s going well. It lists the latest fights, the newest achievements and the best achievement farmers in Toribash.

Interesting eh? But, it still looks a little bland, so we’re definitely open to suggestions :-)

What’s coming?

Multiplayer boss fights (now this feature I’m really looking forward to… It’s going to make for some really interesting matches)

And congratulations to siku, she announced several hours ago that she was pregnant. ToriBabies anybody?

Here’s a shout out to the Russian Community: WATCH OUT… WE HAVE LAN!

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