Average Joe: Moop

Our friend Moop. At his usual resting place.
Well, I’m here ready to interview Moop, one of Toribash’s greatest players, video editors, and one of the most active Promo Team members. Moop has several notable videos, like Smooth Criminal, TaekKyon me, Fisting… among others. They can all be seen among the “Best Videos” page on ToriTube.

He’s currently a leader of the clan [Parrot], which was involved in a lot of controversy in the last year. Seems he’s just entered the room. I’ll go and have a chat with him.

[RedDevil] Hello, Moop, and welcome to my interviewing lounge. You’ll find it comfortable here.
[Moop] Why, thank you! ;)
[RedDevil] Well, first question is: Who is the Moop most people don’t know?
[Moop] Well, I’m really a 15 year old boy called Ollie. I go to a grammar school in England, getting pretty good grades. I spend pretty much my whole life with my girlfriend Katie. And the rest seems to be spent playing toribash or, occasionally, working.
[RedDevil] Working at what, might we know?
[Moop] Why, yes, you may! I got my GCSEs coming up in May/June, which are the most important exams I have ever taken, and will decide which universities I can go to. I’m also working towards getting into my school for my A-levels next year.

[RedDevil] Hmm, yes, yes. Well, in Toribash, you’re one of the most active Promo Team members. Why did you want to be a Promo Team member?
[Moop] I wanted to be in the Promo Team ’cause I thought holding tourneys would be really fun, and I wanted to be able to have Nabi’s funding for events. Also, I just wanted to move on in my Toribash ‘career’…
[RedDevil] Well, you’ve joined in January 2008, and I’ve witnessed your “rising” personally, and you’ve become quite a respected fighter, video editor, and user. What did you go through?
[Moop] Haha, what didn’t I go through? Well, I think the Parrot story sums most of it up quite well. You can read it over here:  http://forum.toribash.com/showthread.php?t=84765
But basically, I remember being a beginner, and I only really played it to chat to people. Like A MSN sort of thing. I never actually expected to be as addicted to it as I am. But I think the first thing I saw when I first posted on the forums was CheZDa’s video. And [Urban]‘s first clan video. And I thought both of them were completely awesome. I guess thats why I’m into making toribash videos now, because I’ve been watching videos since I was a white belt. But of course, the main thing that I ‘went through’ is my clan, Parrot. You can read the story up there. So yeah, click that link.
[RedDevil] Who was the first person you remember playing online?
[Moop] I remember the first person I played online was Nirs, we used to be very good ToriFriends when we were white belts.
[RedDevil] Do you have any ToriIdol? Most people idolize CheZDa, Patrick, noweb. What is yours?
[Moop] Rutzor or Ern. Ern vs. Uke and Rutzor’s videos have inspired me. Well, I would’ve said CheZ, but that’s too cliche… But yeah, mainly Rutzor. And I dig his german accent :P .

[RedDevil] What would be your ambitions, for the upcoming rest of the year 2009? As in, what do you expect of it.
[Moop] Well, I’m hoping by the end of the year to have become a Super Moderator, like yourself.
[RedDevil] Why, thank you.
[Moop] But I’ll just see what happens. Oh, be right back. My turn in a tourney.
[RedDevil] Well, I see Moop is addicted to Toribash, and is now going to melt faces on the dojo. We will be resuming the interview after a break.
[Moop] *theme music plays*
Ok, back. Anyways, I’ve never spent more than 6 hours making a video. So in 2009, I plan to spend a few days or even a week during the summer (after those GCSEs), making an amazing video. Which I will actually take my time on!
[RedDevil] Well, your videos are already amazing with 6 hours of work.
[RedDevil] We’ll see what happens when you put weeks in it.
[Moop] So, by the end of 2009 I WILL have the top spot on ToriTube for good .
[RedDevil] Ok, Moop, I guess that’s enough. Thank you for your time.
[Moop] Well, no problem, thanks for interviewing me…
[RedDevil] Any final words for your admirers out there?
[Moop] If it’s funny, do it. That’s my attitude towards everything, videos, personal life, Toribash.
[RedDevil] That’s it on Moop, be ready for a new interview next week, fellow bloggers.

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