A new mini game has just been released by hampa. It is a mini version of Toribash that you can play in a browser! Named Minibash and for the right reasons, this game is a smaller version of Toribash. Like the vanilla Toribash you used to play on game sites, this game is only 2D with movement on only 2 axes.

The gist of the game is to beat challenges set down by the game or by other players. This gives you points. Points can be used for unlocking training to improve your characters strength and such in the mod section. There you can change your characters size for future fights. As always, user generated content is promoted. You can make challenges for others to try to beat! Just make the move and save it.

The game is easy enough, just move the grey parts (hands, feet, head and torso) to the desired locations and observe the ghost. If you are satisfied, click the icon down the lower left corner. If you have struck a pose and are waiting for the time to run out, you can speed things up by holding down the button. You get points for hitting your opponent and a decap is an auto win.

With your hard earned credits you can train up your strength, mass and reaction time. Strength? The harder you hit! Reaction time gives you smaller turnframes like Toribash and mass allows you to mod your character more. If the training is going too slow, pay gold to speed it up!

You can expect work to be done on this in the future so keep an eye out for this great new game and in the future hopefully we can see it on the iphone!

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