Torimeet London!!!

As most of you probably didn’t know I’ve been in Europe for the past, like, 6 weeks or something. Four of those have been in France and the rest in jolly old England.

New definition for optimism added: Solar panels in London

I am having the utmost joy staying in a lovely area of town by the name of Whitechapel (which Erth and Skulfuk both advised against) and enjoying the scenery on my morning walks. Blood splatter

Undoubtedly however, the thing I was most excited for was to meet up with some Toribash guys from London and the surrounding area. Sadly from the ~10 people who showed interest only Erth and myself were there. We couldn’t care less though as we grabbed a coffee and headed for north Camden town. Now if you’ve never been there it’s like a mix between an Amsterdam back street, a global food court and every shop that was deemed too weird to be put anywhere else. Definitely my favorite place in London.

After eating lunch and checking out the wares – haggling the poor shopkeepers down for some shisha sticks and a pipe (Erth is classy like that) we made our way to the bank of the Thames. We discussed architecture, our dislike for the analytical study of subjective matters like English literature, plans for the future and travel while strolling leisurely along the water and across bridges – eventually ending up at a bar off a street. Fortunately they weren’t checking IDs and we enjoyed a drink and a chat about important business matters.

Bar selfie.Erth on the left, myself on the right.

Following that we said our farewells and went our separate ways. I’ve promised to come back at the end of the year to visit again but until then if any Australian guys want to come and hang out in Brisbane then hit me up. I’m hoping that this is only one of the first of many meetups with Toribash players around the world.

SainTD, the Aikido World Champion

The greatest event of 2013, Nabi Aikido World Championship, has come to its conclusion and we finally got a chance to have a talk to its victor, [UssR]SainTD! The interview below features all the main information for you to know the event’s hero better, uncovers Russian-Ukrainian mafia secrets and much more.

For those of you who don’t keep an eye on Events section, Nabi Aikido World Championship took place on December 28th and lasted for the whole day, during which all Toribash players were able to partake in any of 16 knockout tournaments. Each tournament winner was being advanced to the next round of NAWC that consisted of duels between them. The final of the event was organized in a similar way, where four community’s best aikido fighters: SainTD, NutHug, S7ing and TheGod, – fought to death in a series of 6 duels. For more information regarding Nabi Aikido World Championship 2013 visit the official event thread.

<sir> Hello, SainTD! What’s up?

<SainTD> Hello! Everything’s good, could be better if studies didn’t start though :D

<sir> Haha, yeah. How does it feel to know that you’re now officially the best aikido player in Toribash? Or did you have such thoughts earlier?

<SainTD> Well, how to say. I would rather call myself “one of the best” because there are still such players as Kristis, Tman, Leyz and so on. I was kind of lucky on the championship. I did realize that I’m one of the favorites of the event, but still couldn’t be sure in success.

<sir> Okay, let’s talk a bit about yourself first and then we’ll get back to the championship discussion. Where are you from, who are you in real life?

<SainTD> I’m from Kiev, Ukraine. An ordinary student who always waits for freebie :D
An I’m also really lazy. Somehow I miraculously passed my exams, still can’t stop being happy about that. I also like football, a bit of astronomy and psychology.
Ah yeah, and I’m 18 and my name is Pasha.

<sir> So you’ve almost omitted the main information :D

<SainTD> Yeah, but fixed that in time :)

<sir> “SainTD” account was registered in the very end of 2009. So it turns out that you’re now playing Toribash for a bit more than 4 years now, right? Or did you have any other accounts before?

<SainTD> Not exactly that. My first account was bate2008 but I lost it to Leyz. Then I had Antie and Bate08 and later I bought SainTD. So I started playing Toribash in September 2010. Curiously enough, I loved it from the beginning and after a week I was already spending hours playing it.

<sir> Oh, you ruined my plan to make a “play for 4 years straight and get a prize of $1000″ Nabi advertisement. So you haven’t been around for that long yet, okay.

<SainTD> Yes, I’m also a very bad boy because of all that account trading stuff.

<sir> Back in those times there wasn’t anything criminal in that, so I hope you wouldn’t get banned right after the interview :)
So let’s go back to Nabi Aikido World Championship. Was it your goal to take part in the event or did you do that by accident when noticed one of the first round’s tournaments?

<SainTD> One of my very close friends (Barig) told me about NAWC a week before it started. If not for him, I would probably be still unaware about the event, so I’m very grateful to him.
Actually, when I heard about a $1000 tournament in aikido, I was overjoyed. However, when I later saw that the mod is aikido.tbm instead of aikidobigdojo.tbm, I had to come down from my dreams as I understood that my chances to win aren’t really high. So I spent a whole week ingame to get ready for it. Turns out it wasn’t in vain.

<sir> Were you waiting for such an event at all? It’s still the largest event to happen in Toribash if we consider prizes, even despite it being run in only one day.

<SainTD> No, I couldn’t even imagine that Nabi would allocate such amount of money for an event. It would be cool if they made such presents every New Year :)

<sir> Who knows, perhaps not just for the New Year. Anyway, whom did you consider the main opponent in the championship? In my opinion, second round was already full of great players and I could hardly predict the final outcome.

<SainTD> Oh, there were many of them. I was most afraid of Leyz who unfortunately didn’t participate. Also I feared Kristis with his suplex skills. And Tman, surely. These three guys have always been number 1 rivals for me, I adore dueling them.
NutHug did also extremely surprise me, I never thought that he is so good in aikido, it was really hard to defeat him.
In general, I feared any opponent I faced just because it’s aikido. You know, anything is possible there, dojo is small and one incorrect movement can ruin the whole fight.

<sir> And what about S7ing? You two are from the same clan and, as far as I know, get along well. Was it hard to play against a friend when it’s not just a fun duel but a serious competition instead?

<SainTD> Yes, it was. But I was lucky to some extent. He’s probably even better than me in usual aikido, at least I often kept losing friendly duels against him. Hmm. At the championship we probably played more like during such duels actually, because we agreed not to put the money above friendship. So it was simple – the one who is more lucky wins.

<sir> How did you feel during final duels against TheGod, S7ing and NutHug? Adrenaline over the edge? Or did you stay calm like a boa constrictor and peacefully clicked on joints?

<SainTD> Adrenaline was in the first round. Later I was more or less calm, but still there were some nervous moments. Especially during the last fight with NutHug when the score was 2-2 and only some turns were left. If you remember that fight, the situation was really tense. It was also rather hard to play with TheGod. Even though I won with the score of 3-1, every match was difficult to win, I was always close to losing. And what concerns the duel against S7ing, we were playing as usual like if just came to have some fun. We’re friends, after all.

<sir> Awesome. I guess that if I was there to play, I’d faint after every fight taken the tension during them.
Have you already decided what to do with the prize? Now when it’s finally sent to you, do you have any specific plans regarding it?

<SainTD> Yes, I decided to make more money using it. Already invested a part of this sum into Forex traders, hope I’ll have some success there. This money wasn’t earned with blood and sweat so even if I lose everything it wouldn’t be so upsetting. Another part of the money is put in bookmaker and I’m trying to get something with bets. I am very venturesome :D

<sir> Well, good luck there. When you make your first $1.000.000 remember who helped you to start :P

<SainTD> Haha, thanks. But I’m afraid I’ll lose more than earn there.

<sir> Who knows, who knows. If there is another NAWC-like championship in Toribash, will you take part in it?

<SainTD> Why not, but I doubt that it will be hosted in aikido again, and in other mods I hardly have any chances to win. By the way, did you want to take part in NAWC?

<sir> I would have lost anyway, I think. But perhaps I could ask hampa next time to play with him just for fun there. Half a million bets, pr0 openers…

<SainTD> Yeah, that’d be cool.

<sir> Anyway, it’s a pleasure to hear that you’d like to partake in a similar event again. I suppose we could even make a special invitation for you.

<SainTD> Oh, that’s a great idea! I hope hampa will appreciate it :D

<sir> If I don’t forget to tell him that, he probably will. Well, so congratulations on winning Nabi Aikido World Championship again, and I wish you success in future in both real life and Toribash!

<SainTD> I hope he’ll read this interview :)
Thanks sir, all the best!


Toribash Greenlit

Hello again avid blog readers. I’m sure most of you have heard that toribash has been greenlit in steam’s recent 100 game greenlighting move.

If you don’t know what steam greenlight is then here’s a quick paragraph taken directly from steam’s website.

Steam Greenlight is a system that enlists the community’s help in picking some of the new games to be released on Steam. Developers post information, screenshots, and video for their game and seek a critical mass of community support in order to get selected for distribution. Steam Greenlight also helps developers get feedback from potential customers and start creating an active community around their game during the development process.

Basically being greenlit means that a game is on its way to being included in steams already huge library of games. If you haven’t figured it out yet, that means that toribash will soon be on steam.

I’m sure you’re all very excited and can’t wait for toribash to show up on steam but we’ll have to wait a tiny bit more till that happens while hampa sorts out all the tiny and big details to prepare toribash for it’s steam debut.

So what happens now that toribash is greenlit? How long will it take for the game to actually show up on steam?

To answer all these questions and more I talked to the great based hampa on IRC and the following is what transpired :

Text: Hello hampa, thanks for agreeing to to this interview. So how excited are you that toribash got green lit and when did you find out?

hampa: Very exited. I got an email yesterday which said we’ve been greenlit.


Text: So how long do you think it will take till the game is officially on steam and does being greenlit mean that the game will definitely be on steam?

hampa: I don’t know yet. They have an Early Access system where we can put the game while we keep adding features. That might be something we use.

hampa: I’m looking at the features of the Steam API now to see what would be cool to add. Depending on how much will determine the development time.

hampa: it will be at least a few months


Text: Not many people know what being greenlit actually means besides that the game will eventually be on steam. Could you explain the process to all the people who are very curious to what has to happen between the game getting greenlit and it actually appearing on steam?

hampa: We get access to customise the game for the steam systems. Steam provides things such like voice chat, matchmaking, cloud storage, achievements. Eventually the game will be available through steam for windows, osx and linux.


Text: Will there be any major changes to the forums following toribash being on steam?

hampa: A few more yellow belts probably.


Text: Speaking of a few more yellow belts, how many new players do you think we would get after tb gets released on steam?

hampa: I don’t know, but I’ll make sure out servers gets updated before

hampa: Something we are working on now, so that will happen earlier.


Text: Back to how tb will be released on steam. Do you plan on adding any new major features to toribash before releasing it on steam?

hampa: We are working on 4.6 now, that will be released before Steam


Text: Could you tell is what kinds of new features will be in 4.6 or is that super secret?

hampa: still secret. Please try the betas and help out as they come.


Text: You also said, you would probably be putting toribash on early access. Does this make a difference to how the game acts on steam? Additionally, how long do you think it will take for tb to go from an early access game to a fully finished game?

hampa: I’m not sure how long it will take to get on Early Access.

Basically toribash will still take a couple of months to come out on steam but when it does, expect a lot of really cool new features along with (probably) a big new playerbase to go with it.

I for one can’t wait for this to happen. Till then have a good time and be sure to check the blog and/or the news board regularly.

Toribash TakeOVER

Hello again avid blog readers. Today we will be talking about this little new thing called ToribashTakeOVER. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a cool new toribash based youtube channel made and headed by Hxcbbqimo(also known as Hax), with quite a bit of support from Jusmi and Slycooper. You can find the link to it here.

I recently caught up with Hax for an interview regarding his channel. here is how it all went down :

Text: Hello Hax, thanks for taking the time to let me interview you.

Hax: Hey Text, no problem. I should be thanking you for giving me your time :)

Text: It’s my pleasure. You are after all in the midst of a very blog/news worthy event. Recently you started a toribash based youtube channel, can you tell me a little bit more about that?

Hax: Yeah of course. Toribash TakeOVER is sort of my initiative with a bunch of great people helping along the way (Jusmi and Slycooper being the most pertinent) in which I’m trying to both get the community of toribash more synched up with one another socially and in-game skill wise, along with bringing in new players to try Toribash. Most importantly: I want to have the people who sign up for toribash, actually stay for the long haul, because the intense learning curve doesn’t mean we have to have such a poor “freshmen retention rate”

So toribash TakeOVER is to help people get better and help new players with the learning curve at tb as well as to interview prominent members of the community.


Text: That’s really awesome. I’m sure everyone appreciates the huge amounts of effort being put into a youtube channel. What made you decide to start this up?

Hax: I’ve sort of replaced my Television watching with YouTube channels. I found myself being able to relate to channels, voice actors, and comedy/knowledge/theories surrounding the games of my youth and games I’ve never played before. Learning how amazing of an outlet YouTube could be, and how much I really care about Toribash, I figured I’d be a good person to start my own channel. I knew I’d need a LOT of help, especially with video editing, but ultimately there’s only about 20 people who’ve played more games than me in-game, and I dedicated a lot of time to teaching (mostly wushu) in-game nowadays anyways. So I thought this a good idea to introduce the game to new audiences, whilst trying to teach the new players who guys like Nuthug, greyhat, KamiKo, you name it. Give them something to look forward to, to work towards to, and to stick around with this community.


Text: So how does the entire thing work? Who edit’s the videos, makes the art, comes up with ideas for videos etc etc and how hard was it to get started?

Hax: So, I typically request a few stock things from Jusmi and Slycooper. Like say for instance, just recently I wanted to start making top 10 videos. Like top 10 best aikido players or something. I go to the guys with my idea, and an image in my head of what I want to illustrate, Sly whips something up in After Effect’s, and then Jusmi takes both my and my girlfriend’s voice acting, layers it with the video, and he’s known for making music specificall for the channel. Once all that happens, I create all the replays and footage in-game, letting everyone know they have the opportunity to see themselves on youtube. And then, I play the replays, voice act over it, layer it, I put it all together, and then Y’all get your videos.

Hax: In terms of how hard… it was hard getting started. Branding was EVERYTHING to me so I needed to make sure before I made my channel public, and before I’d produce my first video, I needed a solid intro. I needed a solid outdo. I wanted a recognizable icon picture, a catchy banner. Editing done. Finding out how to get a name change, setting up youtube partnerships and how that all works. Not to mention: figure out how to screen capture without fraps. So I gotta say, I was a slave runner to Jusmi and Sly to get it done and done right when I wasn’t enthralled with the content made in the Request in the market board. It took a little over a week of legitimate labor and phone calls, but I think it was worth it! Sorry Team Jusmi, I love you !

Big props to jusmi and sly for helping out with this amazing youtube channel. The art and effects for the videos are amazing.


Text: So from what I can tell it’s mainly you, jusmi and sly (as you mentioned in one of your previous answers) doing this. Do you have any plans on recruiting other members to your valiant cause or could you use help in any areas of the process? I’m sure many members of the tb community would be extremely interested in helping out.

Hax: This might be the most asked question we’ve received. Here’s my feelings towards that: Obviously, I really want to trust someone to join on-board. The actual editing of music and video making seems to be completely covered because Slycooper and Jusmi are just too darn good to get things done within a SHORT period of time. So what would be left would be … more than likely the actual teaching of the lessons. I’m not positive of how comfortable I am with the idea yet. If I find someone who I personally know to be an excellent player AND good teacher, I’d be more than happy to take some stress off my work. Because it can be a bit overwhelming. But I think the first two jobs that we could recruit, if any, would be someone collecting footage, and most importantly: Someone socially networking for us more than I’m already doing. Going on video game forums, coming in contact with bigger gaming YouTube channels so we can gain subscribers. It’s a matter of gaining a LOT of subscribers that are faithful to the channel at the moment.

So guys, if you want to help : promote, promote, promote. Additionally, if you’re godly at toribash and sly knows that you are then feel free to ask him to teach on the channel.


Text: So you’re really going full throttle when it comes to the promotion of your channel, including the amazon banner being displayed at times on the tb forums at the moment (which is what clued me in to the channel). Who did you have to contact to make that happen and what future plans do you have to promote the channel?

Hax: Well I’m working one on one with Hampa right now. He’s probably one of TTO’s biggest fans, and I think he understands more than anyone how powerful YouTube can be to get people to check out Toribash. In terms of future promotion, that’s where things get tricky. Hampa and I are working out the details with that, like as of yesterday we’re figuring that all out. Perhaps I’ll be going into Beginner Servers and focusing on bringing the newer players on the forums and subscribing to the channel. I do think more can be done on the official Toribash Facebook page. And from there’s it’s going to take pull from above. Both the ability to make and sticky threads wherever we need them for things like Q&A threads and giveaways, to coming to bigger YouTube fish in the sea to support us. Hence why if you’re going to help TTO, networking is where we need it most!!!

Again, if you want to help : promote as much as you can. The channel, while it has a huge influx of subscribers due to the banner on the tb forums, and amazing videos,  could always use more popularity from within and throughout the tb community. If you know any famous or semi-famous youtubes get them to contact Hax for collaborative videos.


Text: So why are you being so aggressive with your promotions? Is there a point to getting all these subscriber’s besides the satisfaction oh having a lot os subscribers?

Hax: Obviously I get a smile when we hit a new bench mark, like today we hit the 350 subscriber bench mark, and more than likely before tomorrow we will have our first 2 videos to ever hit 1,000 views. But the actual importance has nothing to do with my smile. YouTube has me under a certain set of tags (gaming, toribash, geek, nerd, etc). The more subscribers we get, the more likes we get on our videos, and the length at which you guys watch the videos will determine how much YouTube promotes the channel. The more views we have, the more YouTube wants to promote our channel so that they can collect ad revenue of us. So the idea is: as we get more views, subscribers, etc. We’ll be exposing new people to Toribash who were just looking for a new gaming channel over YouTube. So that’s the primary way in which the show promotes people who haven’t even tried Toribash to look at it.


Text: carrying on from my last question, I’ve noticed that the videos on ToribashTakeOVER have adds to which I can only conlcude that these videos are generating revenue. What do you do with this money?

Hax: Haha. Honestly, people have an outstanding silly concept of what’s “Money is to be made”. People are only living comfortably with about a million subscribers. So, if one day we hit 1,000 subs, we’re still making one one-thousanth of what they’re making, or even less actually since they get amazing deals. Put it to you this way: after my biggest week interviewing the MAKER of Toribash (Hampa), we made .08 before taxes. Now if this changes, and don’t get me wrong I hope it does, it’s going into production value. First a new microphone so y’all can hear me better, then giveaways for the community, etc. Maybe something to block out background noises. But in terms of ToribashTakeOVER making revenue, it’s just won’t be a thing until we’re at the point of recognition and strength that you guys would actually want for that to happen.

“Wait what. He’s getting money out of this?” I hear you ask. Well, yeas but it’s extremely minimal. Additionally even if he was getting a small amount of money, I think he deserves it for all the work that’s put into the channel. Even if he does amass a decent amount of money, he’s not going to use it to buy his girlfriend a new bracelet, he’s going to use to improve the quality of the videos. Good for him.


Text: well, I for one, love all your videos. How often do you plan on releasing new videos and do you think you could keep it up in the long run?

Hax: There is… a TON of information that hasn’t been touched. Yeah the jousting video is more than likely a 1 episode run-off, but how on Earth am I going to teach a mod as complex as Aikido, Wushu, or TK in the matter of just 2 to 3 episodes? Can’t happen. The EASIEST videos to produce are interviews, and there the ones you guys tend to love the most (the Interview with Hampa is closing in on overtaking my intro video!), and those can go on for a long time. So much staff, so many legendary players, so many artists, so many duelists. We can all learn so much from each other on that. I want to ask the “Who’s your favorite Pokémon?” question at least 10 more times minimum. In terms of how frequently? I’m shooting for 2-3 a week. You more than likely won’t go a full week without receiving content for awhile, but bear in mind I’m a student, I’m an athlete, I’m a player, and I’m still a GameMaster expected to host a buttload of events. So I can’t go “full-time” with this. And thank you so much, I really appreciate that compliment!

Basically Hax is super busy but still makes time for the members of the tb community. <3


Text: well that’s pretty much all the questions I have for now. Thanks you again for answering all my questions. Good luck with the youtube channel. It seems to be doing great and I’m sure it will continue to do in the near (and hopefully far) future. Would you like to sign off with anything or give any shootouts on the blog?

Hax: Thank you very much for spending your time interviewing me for Toribash TakeOVER. I just want to say, and I say this a lot but I just need you guys to know how much I freaking love and appreciate everything all my followers are helping out. All of the subscriptions, these views, likes, the comments you make to me in threads, and the excitement you show me in-game. Not to mention how receptive you guys are for me pulling you out of public rooms to help me get footage. Y’all are the BEST fans I could ever wish for, and I want to give you anything and everything I can. Together, let’s make me, the hardcore barbecue in my opinion, and y’all have Toribash Take Over!!!!!

Well that’s about all that happened in the interview. Next time you see Hax ingame or on IRC make sure to thank him for being so brilliant and dedicating so much time to the Toribash TakeOVER. Also be sure to check Toribash TakeOVER out if you haven’t already (link is at the top somewhere). If you have any questions about the channel, feel free to pm Hxcbbqimo about it.

Game Over

Hello avid blog readers. Welcome again to the blog and all its exciting content. Today, for your reading pleasure, we have an overview of the game.

For those of you who don’t know what the game is, read on for an explanation. I could always link you to this, but even I’m not evil enough to force you to read that (click link at your own peril).

In essence, The Game is an event held by rubash that’s not an in-game event. Infact it’s very much forum based which by default makes it superior to all those other silly in-game events. In addition to that, the prize is a whopping 1,000,000 tc. The catch is this : if you lose you get a temporary ban and the further you get in the game the longer the ban gets. The losers’ bans start from a measly 2 days for those who managed to trip at the first hurdle all the way up to 10 days for the runners up. Each round consists of a riddle, quiz or task that all the participants still in the game have to complete. The last round pits all the remaining contestants against each other and the first one to find the answer to the final riddle win’s the prize along with a huge amount of admiration and praise.

So the game is over and the winner will not be named due to him having constant name changes and me not wanting to name the wrong person. His userprofile is here however for those of you who want to check it out. Now that that’s all sorted out, let’s get to a running commentary of how the game played out.

The First Round :

There were some 200 odd participants in the first round. Sir’s task was to make teams and pm him. those that made teams but didn’t pm him lost and were banned for 2 days. Surprisingly only 37 people survived this round. A significant number of people thought that a team of 1 was a team and other’s created teams of bigger than two members.

The Second Round :

This was probably the most entertaining round of the game. out of the 37 surviving participants only 6 managed to pass this round the first time around. One of the main reasons for this was because fake leads and clues were being leaked which pointed to wrong answers. An overwhelming amount of people gave the wrong answer. Because the number of people who passed was only 6, sir in his almighty wisdom decided to give everyone 1 more day to solve the question and reset all answers. As a boon to those who passed this stage the first time around, he granted them an escape from the next round and made them an amazing new item called common sense.

The Second Round Part Two :

All those who passed the second round the first time around got to skip this along with one other person who managed to find the traitor in the game. This round was extremely hard and a grand total of nobody passed it. But hey, it was only to be expected since all the participants lacked the new item : common sense.

The Third/Final Round :

This was the final round. We were given a pretty hard riddle to solve and eventually there was a winner. All those who didn’t manage to find the answer were banned for 10 days and the winner was given 1,000,000 tc as well as some other perks (including name changes, which is why I’m not linking mentioning him by name, but linking to his profile instead).

Let’s give rubash, and sir (the even’t host) in particular, a big thumbs up for an amazing event. Hopefully he’ll continue hosting more events like this in the near future.


Lets have some end of the game statistics/fun facts.

1) New items : Two new items were created for this game. The winner is given a victory item called a crystal skull which may or may not be a reference to Indiana Jones. The Second new item is an item called common sense, mentioned earlier in the blog post.

2) Staff Wars : Out of the 3 msquad members that entered the game, all got to the finals while out of the [not wure that the number is but it was more than 3] members of the GM’s that entered none made it to the finals. This statistic counts firebolty as a GM as it was there that he has spent the longest. Come to think of it, none of the clan mod’s managed to make it to the finals either, but I’m not entirely sure that any even took part.

3) The Second Coming : This game was the successor to the hugely successful and popular deadly game, also hosted by sir and rubash.

4) Bans can be good : During the two days after the first round, due to 150+ people being banned, the scam reports and general rule breaking went down drastically.

5) Poor Deuteria : Out of the 7 people to get to the finals, only Deuteria didn’t get a healthy dose of common sense. This was because instead of solving round two on time, he solved it during the extra day by finding the traitor. Because he found the traitor instead of solving the riddle he was allowed to skip round 2 part 2 but wasn’t given the item for not having finished quick enough. Let’s all laugh at him and send him mocking private messages. EDIT: Deuteria now has the item common sense. “he cried so loud that I gave it to him” – sir.

6) Culapou’s (the winner, he might be known as something else now) fake trails killed most people. oblivion killed around 20 people even though he was not part of the game. sid and redundant backstabbed around 20 people by inviting them into their non-existing teams. together they killed more people by subterfuge and misdirection than people that killed themselves with stupidity.

The revival of Torinews

Hello avid blog readers and all you other people who stumbled across here while looking for free tc. Sadly there’s no free tc to be had on this page but there is some very interesting news. Recently I was browing the toribash forums as every normal person does and came across a brand new organisation called torinews (Link for those of you who are interested in looking at it). Being part of the toribash blog, this organisation naturally piqued my intrest. I found out that the old torinews is being revived by Butler153 and Lololerz along with hampa’s blessing. I then asked Butler153 for an interview and he happily obliged. Here is part of what transpired :

Text: Hello Butler. How are you today?

Butler153: Hi, I’m good and you?


Text: I’m good as well, thanks for asking.

So, I was browsing the forums recently and saw a newly created organization by the name of torinews.

I see you are one of the leaders. Can you tell me a little bit more about that?

Butler153: Aah, yes, I am reviving the old Toribash Newspaper :)

I saw the Toribash Newspaper once before and thought it was quite cool. I then thought about it for a while and decided to revive it so that the rest of the community can keep up to date with what’s going on around the community.


Text: So when did you see the previous torinews and what mad you decide to revive it?

Butler153: I’m not actually sure on when I saw it, I’d say maybe last year? I thought about it for a bit, and I felt that the Toribash Newspaper would keep users updated on anything from the latest GM Tourneys to the latest staff, weekly/monthly.


Text: I also saw that hampa commented on the thread literally minutes after it was created. Did you consult with hampa before creating the thread or was his passing by just a happy coincidence?

Butler153: I did consult with him to see if it was okay to revive the Newspaper or if he wanted it to stay out of the way. He ended up liking the idea and so I revived it.


Text: That’s pretty cool. Having hampa as a backer is sure to make a lot of things easier.

So what makes torinews different from the blog? (Other than it will be active (hopefully))

Butler153: Well, the blog posts things what seems like on a monthly basis and only 1 article at a time, usually the important things. The Newspaper would be able to fit a number of articles, some art, and much more. I have skyped Solax though and Hero, along with hampa, thought it would be a good idea for Solax to bring the Bloggers into the org, to help out a bit.


Text: So if I understand correctly, torinews reports the everyday things, while the blog only reports serious cool things. (I guess that makes your new org serious and cool). Will torinews also report the serious topics alongside with the blog?

Butler153: Yes of course. We’ll be reporting the serious topics and the less serious topics.

For example, we may report the results of the latest GM Tourney


Text: If you talked to hampa about this and it really is completely about news, how come it isn’t a new board in the news sub forum?

Butler153: We’re aiming for it to be an official organization for now so that we can gain a few members, then we’ll move it to the News sub-forum and start doing everything there.


Text: That’s cool. I see that the org is invite only. Since you need 10 members to apply to become an official org (and 3 weeks of waiting along with 50k) who else is on the invite list?

Butler153: Well, hampa made an exception with this org, and we’re already on our way to becoming official. We are recruiting though, we’re currently in need of Editors, Artists and Interviewers, so if you send me a good enough application stating examples of what you’re applying for you could get in.

eg. Artist – post art examples Interviewer – post an example of an interview, you may get accepted.


Text: If the members of the community wanted to apply where would they post their application?

Butler153: Well, if they wanted to apply, they would have to PM me their applications. There are certain things you have to do in the application though.

For example, if you were to be applying for an Artist, you should post the best example of your own art that you have.

If you were applying to be an Editor, I’d make a sentence that isn’t punctuated at all for you, and I’d ask you to edit it.

If you were to be applying for an Interviewer, I’d ask you to post an example of an interview you did.

Those are the only current positions you can apply for though.


Text: So you’re all full on writers?

Butler153: Not necessarily, we’re just keeping them to a minimum for now, so that if the Toribloggers join ToriNews, we’d have positions for them.


Text: Are you planning on being the leader of the org, and overseeing everything or is there a possibility of you handing stuff over to solax/other person after everything is up and running?

Butler153: I am planning to lead the organization, but I will accept help if I am away for school or away for the weekend etc.


Text: That’s good to hear, we need more aspiring members in the tb community. I’ve also noticed that you’re listed as a writer. How much previous writing experience do you have and what previous leading experience do you have? (doesn’t necessarily need to be tb related).

Butler153: Well, I do write in school for English, whether it’s poetry or creative writing. I have written a poem during Christmas last year in Toribash and ended up winning first place for it. I also get over 80% for English so I’d say I’m quite good at writing :)

Umm, in terms of leading experience, I am currently a Local Moderator for the Suggestions & Ideas board and I used to lead the clan Rust.


Text: So do you intend for torinews to become a staff position, or will it just be another organization?

Butler153: Torinews as a staff position would be pretty cool seeing as it’s the Official Toribash Newspaper. I don’t intend on it being just ‘another organization though.


Text: I see that Lololerz is also a founder. What did he have to do with the revival of torinews?

Butler153: Well, we were talking on Skype and then he started talking about MMO, an org made by me that died, so then it reminded me of the old Toribash Newspaper because of the Organisations section, and I kinda just said, “Hey, let’s revive the Toribash newspaper?” He then agreed and we created the IRC (#ToriNews – feel free to join it) and recruited some members.


Text: What do you plan on doing for you first newspaper article?

I suggest writing an article about the revival of torinews.

Butler153: Well, hampa suggested that we interviewed fyerrblad, he said that this user became staff at the age of 9 and went on to become admin too?

We have contacted him/her, just waiting for a response, if anyone knows fyerrblad, please PM me ;) .


Text: How will the layout be for torinews? i.e : will you make pdfs that look like a newspaper with all the articles in them or just create new threads for each article?

Butler153: Umm, I’m thinking of getting the Artists to create pdfs that we post the articles in, along with some pictures/advertisements.


Text: Speaking of adverts, will people have to pay for them? If so, where will the tc go?

Butler153: Um, I think they would have to pay for the advert, and the TC would probably go towards the Toribash Newspaper so that we can hold mini events in the paper, like Art Competitions, etc.


Text: How often will you be aiming to release a newspaper?

Butler153: I’m hoping that we can post a newspaper article weekly, like every Sunday.


Text: Well that’s about all I have for now

Butler153: Ok

Text: good luck with torinews. I hope it turns out to be a big success. Do you want to give anyone a shoutout?

Butler153: Congratulations to Hucota7 who just made the team as an artist, and thanks to everyone who is a part of the org :) .

Thanks for the interview :)

Text: np, it was my pleasure.

Butler153: Good luck in the future with MSquad :)

Text: Thanks. Have a nice day.

There you have it, avid blog readers. You’ll soon have a new source for all your tb related information, almost as good as the blog itself. Make sure to check it out and if you’re interested in joining it send over an application to Butler153. Who knows, it could even eventually become a staff position.

Rubash Presents: The Game

Hey guys!

So, as most of you remember, last year rubash presented us with the wonderful Deadly Game… The game consisted of either being banned or being the winner and winning 1 million tc along with the item “Living Soul”. What you had to do for the game was solve the riddle and if you failed to do so, you would be banned an amount of days for whichever level you were on (e.g level 1 = 1 day ban, level 7 = 7 day ban).

Now that we got that out of the way, Rubash is presenting The Game… I can’t exactly say that it is going to be the exact same as The Deadly Game, but I can say that this is going to definitely be the biggest user filled event of the year if not all time. You can enter here! Remember to have fun and die first so I can already win *wink wink*.

Big thanks to sir for bringing the event together and everybody that is helping out in it! Also for a nicely done russian translation, you can find it here.

Have a great day and the event sign ups end soon, so hurry up and get your spot by just saying you’re in!

The Forging of Ukayden

Welcome Toribashians to that wonderful Blog that is updated once in awhile,

Today, we bring you guys the sorta late coming blog of the Kill Ukayden Event that is held by the wonderful Item Forgers. This event has been put on hold for quite a while and people have been waiting for it for a long time, and now it’s finally here! This is anticipated to be a huge event, so I tried getting a hold of it’s reins and had a nice interview with Tinerr:

Beta: Hey Tinerr, you got a moment of your beautiful, sexy, sexual, unconditional loved time?

Tinerr: Oh boy, sure

Beta: Alright, so as I see it, you’re the events manager for the Item Forgers now? (or have been for a while just didn’t get an interview of you a while ago)

Tinerr: Yeah, I’m the events manager for the IF, that’s right (and you never interviewed me in the past ;o)

Beta: I’m sorry my love, just had no use to do so.

Beta: Anyway, moving on to that “BIG EVENT” that Item Forgers have been talking about for so long.

Beta: That was put off and everybody kept waiting for it.

Beta: Can you sum up the Ukayden Event for me in a few sentences or maybe a paragraph for the readers to know that don’t already know about it?

Tinerr: Well, Ukayden event is planned to promote the new magma color basically, it was teased long time ago, and brought it to light this week (I just finished hosting fist part of it). It can have winners at 3 levels, though, you should read the event itself for better understanding

Beta: Why was it delayed for so long? Any particular reason besides the whole “We want to make sure that there’s no flaws in the event”?

Tinerr: Well, actually when I got into the group and saw the PROP thread of the event, I had the same feeling (the “hey I saw this a long time ago”), and several changes were made in order to make it launched asap, and with the team, we were able to launch it really fast (these kind of events are not really easy to prepare you know ;o)

Beta: Okay. So what are your thoughts on the event in your point of view? What I mean by this is, do you think that anything could have and should have been changed? I understand that you’re the hoster of course, but almost every hoster see’s mistakes after due part of the event being posted…

Tinerr: Well, we’ve tested the mod and planned it very carefully, and I personally can’t find any flaws in the event

Tinerr: the only sad part is that only 10 people per hotsteat will be able to play, but can’t help that… that’s how the event rolls

Beta: Hmm… Okay. So what are the prizes, since you know, everybody that doesn’t know about it wants to probably know the prizes first ;)

Tinerr: The prizes are magma items, as obvious while promoting magma color… and the winner of the big event will get Ukayden’s head texture (which is easily worth around 100k)

Beta: Sounds like some good prizes, any hints that you want to leak? For the Event and or Item Forgers in General?

Tinerr: Well, there are some items we’re working on, following the line of the hairs, as you could see on my account for example

Tinerr: don’t be surprised if you see a new and never seen hair as a prize for a really big event

Tinerr: Never been good at leaking stuff you know :P

Beta: Dude, it’s totally fine, just go to the private board and skype chat, screenshot everything and we can just know it all ;)

Tinerr: hahahahahaha no.

Beta: so serious indeed. Anything else you would like to say to our readers? Maybe a shout out to your mom or something? :)

Tinerr: Well, hi readers, we are always open to suggestions for new items or hairstyles… Obviously they won’t be insta-implemented, we have our WIP’s on its ways and some items planned for these following months!

Tinerr: also, beta is always wrong

Beta: indeed sir, yes indeed. I see no shoutout to mom yet though ;P

Beta: Anyway, thanks for your time. Stay fresh my friend.

Tinerr: No problem, anything you need, just pm me or find me over here… I love my mom <3

Beta: I need 1mil tc, send or scam. Love you too son

Alright, so there you have it. I am his mom… Besides the fact, the event can be found found here, and if you would like to leave some suggestions to the item forgers, you can always go to the Item Forgers News thread and drop a suggestion there:) That’s all for now, have a great day, and expect an interview with Solax soon… Word is out that he is currently on his period.

If you are Russian and don’t read english too well, sir is translating all blogs found here.


Basking In Green Light

As the majority of you probably now know, Toribash is finally on the Steam Greenlight system! WOAH! That’s a pretty major leap forward for Toribash, and there are undoubtedly gonna be a few changes around the community. But how? What’s next for Toribash? Will we have to pay!? What does old hamps think? What does the rest of the staff think? What the bloody hell does Greenlight even mean?

Well fear not Tori-folks, uncle Erth is here to answer all your Steamy questions… Or at least some of them.


First off I guess, I should probably explain what Greenlight means, for anyone that isn’t clued up on it. It’s a system whereby any developer of a game can post on Steam about their game, and the community can vote on it.

If the community likes it, Steam will officially release it, brilliantly simple! That means if you have steam, go vote Toribash up. Like… Right now. Before I ban you in the arse.


With such a big thing for Toribash, ofcourse there’s gonna be a big blog post. So be aware of that this has a lot of stuff to cover, it’s not a short read. I make no apologies for that Toribashians, this is a great thing for our community so requires a lot of attention.


Upon having the idea that I was gonna do this blog post after waking up at 1PM in a daze, I decided to do as little work as possible and go interview hampa because he’d know everything, right?

<Erth> hey, I was wondering if I could talk to you about the Greenlight thing, for the blog team?

<hampa> sure

<Erth> wicked, first off a big congratulations, this is surely a big step forward for toribash

<Erth> How long has this been in the pipeline?

<hampa> We have talked about it for a while, I wanted to finish with the 4.4 release before submitting it there

<Erth> There have been concerns raised with regards to the servers handling the influx of players, is everything fine on that front? In a wider sense; is Toribash prepared for an influx of players?

<hampa> Yes, I’m not too worried about that

<Erth> What do you think people will be attracted to about Toribash? It’s selling points, as it were

<hampa> A competitive online fighting game with a great community of players

<Erth> Now, you mentioned in the “ask the staff” thread about a team speak function. Is there anything else you could tell us about that? Or any other features that may be coming?

<hampa> I’m planning to add insta achievements and some dismemberment options

<Erth> Oh wow. That’s pretty major

<Erth> Another question from the ask the staff thread comes from ImmortalCow (aka Gorman):

<Erth> Speaking of steam greenlight, what effect will this have on the store?

<Erth> I remember Mojang refused the invitation to have their game on steam because they were not allowed to have their own market place.

<hampa> yes, I saw that too

<hampa> How the store will look like I don’t know at this point

<Erth> Here’s hoping it’s not a deal breaker, I know this question was answered by Solax, but an official answer would be cool; We won’t have to pay for Toribash in the future, will we?

<hampa> no

<Erth> excellent

<Erth> now, for more of a general question, with an open ended answer where you can elaborate as you feel fit; What do you think will change if toribash is released on steam?

<hampa> I hope it will bring more players and more features

<Erth> cool, thanks for your time man, any final words for the community?

<hampa> es shovel es legal


So turns out hampa is but one guy and can’t possibly know everything. Go figure. But it’s good to know we won’t have to pay anything in the future. And no worries about the servers either, so long as that Deejex asshole doesn’t come back around being all butthurt. (Probably shouldn’t mock a script-kiddie in a public blog post but whatcha gonna do). And even a word on shovelling for ya.

If any of you have any follow up questions for hampa, feel free to post them on the News thread, or pm me and I’ll do a Q&A with him soon.

So after the interview, I still had a lot of questions… Ok that’s a lie, I had an idea to interview a load of people to get a bigger word count and it was all off the cuff, but I’m a sucker for a good anecdote. First on my list was to tackle the market and the economy.


Market and staff:

And who better to tell us all about the market and economy (among other things) than the great red and black based hampa in the sky, ishi! An admin nowadays, back out of retirement to solve, ban and internetshi all over the place, he was the obvious choice…

<Erth> hey

<ishi> hello erf

<Erth> Well first off I guess, what do you think greenlighting Toribash will do to the community? Wht audience do you think Toribash will primarily attract?

<ishi> there will probably be a division of the community kind of like how it was when the game was pay to play, newer people will annoy all of the old users with questions and stuff, but it will eventually settle down

<ishi> the users it attracts will probably be decent people, the steam platform has many users so there should be a nice mix of people

<Erth> Do you think the division will cause problems around the forums? Maybe more staff will be needed to keep everyone in check?

<ishi> we will probably be very busy the first couple days if it gets greenlit, depending on the number that stick around we may require additional pylons

<Erth> Are you confident Toribash will be Greenlit?

<ishi> looking at the list of other games that want to be greenlit, i think toribash stands up to them very well, i dont know if valve has had experience with a game like ours with an already established economy, that may cause problems depending on how much control they want, but we’ll see, i think it has a good chance overall

<Erth> Yeah, Gorman mentioned a pre-formed economy causing problems for Minecraft, and hampa was unsure how that would play out

<Erth> Given the current state of the market in toribash, and assuming it stayed as it is, do you think the market would improve with more people? Or would the inflation increase?

<ishi> i think hampa likes this project too much to let steam mess with it, so if they want to do anything to fuck it up i dont think he’d go through with it

<Erth> economishi, go

<ishi> i think we would need to reevaluate some things, maybe lower prices to give newer players a taste of customization, as it stands its hard to people to get a full texture set when they first start out, and customization is one of the cornerstones of this game, but that’s just an idea of mine, i dont know how it’d play out in the long run

<ishi> also we would need a lot more servers, that may cause problems too :p

<ishi> also oh god i can just see the scam reports board already..

<Erth> mother of god… the scams…

<ishi> what have we donneeeeeeeee

<Erth> rofl, well thank you for your time

<Erth> a light hearted take to the economy from ishi there, guys

<Erth> any final words?

<ishi> erth is a better interviewer than steller. also, have faith in hampa, he is a good guy and only wants to see the game grow, he wont ace of spades it



BUT I DIDN’T STOP THERE! OH NO! We have a sneak peek into the mind of one of the replay community’s best known stars. Oblivion, ladies and mentlegen! More exclamation marks!!!

<Erth> Now, Oblivion, first off – what do you think putting Toribash on the Greenlight system will do to the community as a whole? Both ingame and on the forums

<Oblivion> Hey! Overall I’m quite excited about it. It seems like finally we might reach to a lot more people with the kind of advertising steam can bring. The huge inflow of people might be a bit difficult to handle at first, but I can see us having an improved multiplayer experience with more tournaments, more events; well, a lot more activity in general.

<Erth> Activity sure is something that people have been concerned about for a while, what do you think the increased activity will do to the replay making community? More CnC? New frontiers? Or maybe just a load more unwatched replays?

<Oblivion> Hopefully, we’ll have some new barriers broken. I expect some different styles getting a bit more prominent, but mostly the already existing ones pushed further beyond what we see nowadays. I can see steam opening the doors of the game to a lot of more hardcore players, who invest in countless hours of editing and exhaustively, insanely, perfect replays (Jaker *wink*wink*), but also to players with new and creative ideas.

<Oblivion> Also, I hope the increased activity in replay-making get bugs spotted, reported and fixed faster than it is right now. I understand that a lot of replay-makers prefer using older version that they’ve growned accustumed to, but I can’t stress enough how important it is that we try and use the new releases to make development easier and better. Maybe the way to report bugs isn’t standardized enough, but that’s more the staff’s area than mine.

<Erth> Good point, and one we can hope to get something done about, for sure

<Erth> Now, the learning curve for Toribash is renown for being steep, so steep it wards off many who try it. Do you think that people will try it and simply think it’s too hard? Any advice for anyone brought here from steam and literally just starting replay making?

<Oblivion> Most people will probably try it and think it’s too hard, I doubt that’ll ever change. Toribash isn’t an easy game so it takes people with a certain character to venture enough through it. I can assure newcomers that after a while it pays off, it’s mind-blowing what you can do in this game.

<Oblivion> As for advice, don’t get discouraged if you have no idea what you’re doing, just try to figure it out slowly. Rarely anyone is good at the start. I too thought the game was too hard for me and even quit for a couple of months at the start, but I came back more determined and eventually as I got better things started looking easier. My best advice is to play a bit everyday in singleplayer, play with your friends, mess around with the joints trying to figure out stuff

<Oblivion> No secret formulas, unfortunately :p

<Erth> Any final words to the community before this interview ends and you head back to your ORMO throne?

<Oblivion> For the pre-steam people: Please don’t be elitist pricks. We were all new to the game at some point, flailing around in a confused manner in-game or lost in the forums, so please be sympathetic to the new guys. I don’t mean that you should go easy on them in-game, punch bags are hell of fun, just don’t be jerks about it :p

Oblivion there; his replay thread is linked at the bottom. I’d like to reiterate the new barriers thing, there have been a few notable replay makers over the years, and with the coming of Steam advertisement, there are sure to be more. Out of all the sections, I think this is probably the one I’m personally most anxious for. The replay making scene has been a bit generic for a while, if some barriers could be pushed or broken once again, we could see some seriously cool stuff appearing. Massive replay hype. #swag #HugMyNuts #Decap


You can probably see where I’m going with this, can’t you?


I’m just that good, I went all the way over to a different IRC channel to speak to 2 of the fields top artists. A name you all know and love, the mighty BenDover. Art mod for probably years, who knows, and an accomplished name in the “biz”. PLUS the new talents of Slycooper. A brilliant video maker that burst onto the scene without so much as a bye-or-leave. Charming…

<Erth> Right, hey there avid blog watchers, we’re talking to Slycooper and BenDover here, two big names in the artsy fartsy community

<Erth> say hello! :D

<BenDover> heeeey

<Slycooper> hi, how’s it hanging q:

<Erth> So, let’s crack on shall we? First off, being that it’s all about Toribash on Steam and the Greenlight shabang – What do you think will happen to the community in general now? And if Toribash gets Greenlit?

<BenDover> The more exposure the better

<Slycooper> I think the forum and ingame would explode, in a good way

<Slycooper> bring lots of new ideas and perspectives

<BenDover> the potential steam has to make a game go big is amazing

<Slycooper> sort of like the minecraft forum, the modding community there is insane

<BenDover> the more players we have, the more potential for growth there is within the community

<Erth> Yeah, some activity around this place would be nice, heh. Do you think artists would be drawn to Toribash and it’s forums? If so, why?

<BenDover> well yeah, the artists involved with steam games are fantastic, the dota 2 art community especially has had an amazing response from the steam community

<Slycooper> mhm, there’s lots of room for new ideas

<BenDover> just attracting a few of the item makers from that community would leapfrog the art scene back into what we would all like it to be

<BenDover> the standards on some of the bigger games art scenes are far higher than what we currently have, and pulling them in here would be great

<Erth> Ofcourse, get the art back into a booming board. What about in terms of videos, sly?

<Erth> Gotta be a lot of editors out there somewhere?

<Slycooper> there are lots of different styles of video editing, I think we’re just scratching the surface

<Slycooper> There are a lot of professionals out there that could do stuff I can’t even imagine

<Slycooper> also YouTube would attract a lot of new players as well

<BenDover> domino effect, big on steam, big on youtube

<Slycooper> people like Chilled Chaos that get 20,000+ views on Toribash video in one day

<Erth> Undoubtedly. Can’t wait for that.

<Erth> Do you think it’ll be harder in terms of moderation of the art board, BenD?

<BenDover> Not particularly, moderating it has become second nature, and with the influx of members from the steam community, we could potentially find new blood to moderate the board

<Erth> So far I’ve heard nothing but positive things from you guys, are there any worries you have about the influx?

<BenDover> if the scene suddenly boomed by like an extra 10 threads a day, then i guess id be pushed a bit, but with the help of our current mods, like jusmi and bostaff, i reckon it could be handled

<BenDover> obviously, the influx of new members means more noobs in the short term

<BenDover> the carry ons from that are fairly obvious

<BenDover> scams, noobs, people not reading rules

<BenDover> i do foresee a resurgence in silly dj anime cartoon heads though

<BenDover> people looking for a quick buck from the art board and market

<BenDover> typical worries one would have with lots of new members

<Erth> Do you feel some more tutorials may be necessary? ;o

<BenDover> well there are plenty, if you actually look. But i do think more will be needed

<BenDover> and bringing back the old schools and beginer friendly things would be usefull

<BenDover> like unibash, toribash art school

<BenDover> stuff like that

<Slycooper> agreed.

<Erth> I remember the art school, I was a student

<BenDover> lol really? cant remember that

<BenDover> pity about the rollback

<BenDover> lost alot of good stuff in that

<Erth> Perhaps an editting tut, sly? New edits seem to be all the rage nowadays

<Slycooper> they are popular, I’m surprised with the activity

<Slycooper> I’ve made an editing social group, where we cnc eachothers videos with complete honesty, and really try to help eachother out

<Erth> Ah awesome! Well, thanks for your time guys, it’s been a pleasure, any final words?

< Slycooper> all dem gainzz

<BenDover> all gainz

Mad, mad gains…

As you can see, there’s a lot of hope for a new age in the art world. Big names coming in from all over the Steam platform, with boundries being pushed, torn and ripped apart totally. Here’s hoping a new wave of texture artists; it raises a really good issue there, Toribash is pretty unique in it’s customization options, you can literally make your tori look like anything, even more so now with the addition of joint textures. And with the Item Forgers now buzzing around, christ… Prepare for some bloody walls folks, because your minds will be blown!



Something of a hot topic for a clan mod such as myself. Now, ishi suggested I interview myself, but I rejected that for 2 reasons:

1. No-one knows I’m a schizophreniac and we’d like it to stay that way

2. I got camera shy as soon as I said hello to myself

Given that Fish made the toriclan system, I thought he was probably a better bet.

<Erth> Wouldst thou mind being interviewed about the affect of grennlighting shit on clans and such?

<Erth> greenlighting too

<Fish> I really have no idea how greenlighting is going to change anything

<Fish> yet alone what greenlighting is specifically

Best interview 2013.


To summarise, pretty much lean gains all over the place folks. Pretty great stuff all round, loving the positivity running throughout the community about it.

Thanks to all my guests, here are some links to their works, shameless advertisement:

Oblivion’s replay thread:

Slycooper’s channel:

BenDover’s deviantart:


Erth signing off, have a good one, and go vote up Toribash!

SummerBash 2013 Event

Hey Toribashians!

So if you haven’t noticed, Ultimate has been hosting quite a few events. Events on the forum (Such as Ultimate Tori, Spring Fling, SummerBash) and monthly 50k in-game tourneys. Now, they present SummerBash 2013 with a fellow clan ally, Evolution. This event is supposedly going to be the biggest event of the year!

So, enough of talking about my clan in third person, it’s time to do a breakdown of what SummerBash is:

SummerBash is an annual event that is going to be hosted by Ultimate and more than likely, Evolution every year. This event is meant to bring the Toribash Community together and have fun, it may seem like the only point to this and way to win is playing in-game, but it is very well possible *cough* that there is an alternate way to gain points later on in the event *cough*

The event is based on a point system, you win a game, you gain 5 points, you lose a game, you gain 3 points still. So you’re always gaining points and can still pretty much be on the top of the leaderboard even if you lost every game you played (if you play enough people). So don’t underestimate yourself and think you can’t win because there are ‘pro’ people entered too! That’s just silly!

So, onto what everybody wants to know first, the prizes:

Of course, the people with the most points by the end of the event wins.
First Place: 180,000tc – 500,000tc
Second Place: 90,000tc – 300,000tc
Third Place: 50,000tc – 200,000tc

Remember, these are not set prizes, these are flexible. I’m going to warn you, if this event doesn’t happen to pick up 64 members, then the prize will be a little bit smaller, but Ultimate and Evolution will make up for the tc not accounted for.

Some pretty nice prizes up for grabs. Remember, I am working on getting an item forged so that might be another prize for the first place and runner up;)


Now that you have a quick breakdown that isn’t intended to inform you of everything, but give you basic knowledge of the event: Here is the SummerBash 2013 Event!


Thanks to sir, Russian Translation: here